::: Hans Biomedical Laboratory :::


Hans Biomedical Laboratory Ltd is deemed to provide a dedicated service to assist Doctors in their quest for excellence and patients to take care of their health.

The Team

The Managing Directors:
  • Mr. Hans GOPAL (photo right)
    BSc MSc (London) / QMS Consultant
    LinkedIN Hans B GOPAL

  • Mr. Naraindut GOPAL
    MRIPHH (London), SRN, RMN, TMD, ENT

    Lab Co-ordinator/Lab Technician
  • Mr. Sajid DANDO DMLT (Algeria)

    The staff comprises also of :
  • Three Qualified Medical Nurses,
  • Two Lab Assistants/Healthcare and
  • Seven Qualified Phlebotomists.

    As precautionary and preventive measures, all our staff regularly undergo vaccination programme.

Hans Biomedical Laboratory - Les Mirabelles Building, Grand Baie
Tel: (+230) 269 1067 | Fax: (+230) 269 1067 | Email: info@hansbiomedical-lab.com